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WiseIngress is a web and mobile-based complete access control and reservation system where software is integrated into innovative lock hardware to make reservations contactless and efficient by generating a time-sensitive access PIN that can be used to unlock the smart lock.

Use Cases

WiseIngress has been developed with different business types and industries in mind. Based on the business requirements, we combine various options and configure the system in a way that exactly matches what our customers need.

WiseIngress has been used in the following use cases and more:

  • Party Rooms and Meeting Rooms
  • Gymnasiums & Work Out Facilities
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Bike/Kayak/Car Sharing (plus GPS tracking)
  • Sports Equipments Rentals (tennis rackets, snowboards, ...)
  • Swimming Pools & Spa Amenities
  • Shared Office Buildings
  • Open House Showings
  • Tool Boxes
  • Elevators
  • Construction & Job Sites
  • Medical Equipment

See the main website for more details.

Smart Locks

WiseIngress platform exclusively works with igloohome smart locks due to their unique technology of generating PIN codes and Bluetooth keys while the lock is offline.