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Smart Lock Info

General information and some essential features regarding the smart lock paired to the amenity are accessible on this tab. If no lock has been paired to the current amenity, the system will display a message to indicate that.

General Info

  • Lock ID: ID of the smart lock paired to the amenity. The first few characters identify lock type (for example, pad lock, key box, etc.) and it's usually visible on body of the hardware.

  • Master PIN: Hidden by default, can be seen if needed by clicking Reveal button. Only administrator, or user with required permission can see the master PIN.

  • Battery Level: Battery level of the smart lock as last measured. The battery level is automatically measured when any user unlocks the smart lock using Bluetooth. Battery level can also be measured by manually using Sync Battery option in the mobile application, and remotely in presence of a linked WiFi bridge.

Remote Operations

If the smart lock is linked to a WiFi bridge, Remote Operations section shows Status as "Linked to..." and corresponding buttons become available. For example, the smart lock can be unlocked remotely just by pressing Unlock button wihtout the need to generate a PIN code.

Setting up a WiFi bridge requires the hardware and a special procedure. Please contact WiseIngress Support team for more information.

Activity Logs

Activity Logs contain different events and actions performed on the smart lock. This section provides the ability to view activity logs and search them by date and type. The list can also be exported to a CSV file to be used in other systems.

But before activity logs can be viewed, they need to be synced from the smart lock to WiseIngress platform. There are two ways to achieve that:

  • Using WiseIngress mobile app: The administrator can tap Sync Activity Logs button under Manage Locks in the mobile application which reads the offline logs from the smart lock via Bluetooth and sends them to WiseIngress server. The mobile device used to perform this operation needs to be connected to internet.

  • Using WiFi bridge: Generally speaking, activity logs are sent by the WiFi bridge to server automatically right after an event or action.