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WiseIngress supports two types of amenities from reservation point of view: schedule-based and without schedule.

  • When an amenity is schedule-based, the administrator or user with required permission should define availabilities in Schedule tab, so that users can see and reserve them. The reservation can be made from web or mobile application. If public access is enabled for the amenity, end users can make a reservation by clicking on a link or scanning a QR code, without the need to log in to the system.

  • For amenities without schedule, the system skips selection of a date/time slot during reservation process and users get access right away. In this case, Schedule tab will show a message indicating that it is not possible or needed to define availabilities.

Calendar View

The calendar view can be by month, week or day. Note that the calendar is showing slots in Location's time zone, which can different from your time zone.

Click on an existing availability to view details and make changes if needed.

Create Availability

In your preferred calendar view, click on any slot to start creating an availability. Set Start Date, Start Time, End Date and End Time as desired. An availability doesn't have to end on the same day it starts. For example, start at February 12 08:00PM and end at February 14 04:00AM is perfectly valid.

In addition to start date/time, below options are available:

  • Allow booking a slice: When enabled, the system will allow users to reserve only one part (slice) of the availability. For example, if an availibility is defined to start at 10AM and end at 2PM, assuming 60-minute slots, there are 4 slots. With this option enabled, users can book 1, 2, 3, or all 4 slots by choosing start time and end time during reservation process.

  • Repeat: Allows creating recurring availabilities as daily, weekly and monthly.

Delete Availability

To delete an availability, click on it and choose Remove. Availabilities with existing reservations cannot be deleted to preserve history.