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Public Access

Giving physical access to people from outside the platform is a popular business scenario for secured assets like sports equipment rentals. In this case, users do not have to be added or invited to the system beforehand. There are two scenarios for such business cases, both of which are supported by WiseIngress:

  • View availabilities without logging in to the system, but register in order to make a reservation
  • View and reserve availabilities without registration and without loggin in to the system

Public View

To achieve the first level described above, enable "Public viewing of availabilities" toggle. The system will generate a unique link and a QR code.

The link (URL) can be shared with end users by adding it to a website's code (such as HTML), by email, and by social media posts. When users click the link, they can freely see the amenity's schedule in browser. By clicking a slot to reserve, the system will prompt the user that they need to register first and then they can log in and make a reservation.

Scanning the QR Code

The QR code is ideal for scanning by end users' mobile phones. The QR image can be saved and printed along with business-specific instructions, so it can be attached near the smart lock. It is also possible to share the saved QR image on a website or inside an email message.

When a user scans the QR code using their mobile phone camera, a special page opens in their phone's browser. The page gives the user option to continue the reservation process inside the browser, or download WiseIngress mobile application to enjoy the full experience. Downloading the mobile app is completely optional unless the user wants to, or has to use Bluetooth to unlock the smart lock.

Booking without Registration

The second level, view and reserve availabilities without registration, can be enaled by turning on "Booking without registration" toggle.

When this option is enabled, clicking on an available spot on public view calendar will allow the user to go through the reservation process. No registration will be required. Apart from start and end date/time, and payment information if applicable, user's mobile number is the only required input so the reservation can be done as quick as possible. The mobile number is required so that the system can send a brief summary including the access PIN plus a temporary password to the user. The password can be used to log in to the website and mobile application if needed.

If the user scans the QR code and completes the reservation from within the mobile application, the system automatically logs in the user and takes them to a simple screen in the mobile app that shows the PIN code and a button to unlock the smart lock by Bluetooth.