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Policies & Booking Settings

Booking settings and other policies for an amenity can be configured for each User Group separately, if needed. If all users of the system have the same set of rules and policies, then the configuration has to be done just once.

Policies tab shows list of defined User Groups, in addition to an item which is "Policies for all user groups without explicit settings". If a User Group doesn't have specific policies configured here, settings of this item will be applied to users of that User Group. It is possible for each User Group to have its own configuration, or simply follow the default policies. When name of a User Group is grayed out and there is a plus button in front of it, it is following the default policies defined under the first item.


To define User Groups and manage users in them, select User Groups under Administration in left sidebar. See User Groups for more information.

By clicking the pencil icon in front of an item, or the plus button for a User Group that didn't have explicit policies, a panel with below options appear.

Cancellation Policy

When set to a number greater than zero, the system allows the end user to cancel the reservation up to X hours before start date/time (X = value set for Cancellation Policy). In this case, to prevent abuse, the system doesn't show the PIN code to the user until cancellable window has passed.

Payment Type

There are three options available for this field.

  • "No Fee" allows reservation or access without any fee calculation or payment collection. In this case, the step to show fees will be skipped when user is going through the reservation process.
  • "Manual" will perform fee calculations and will show fee breakdown to the user, but no payment will be collected in the system. This case is useful for scenarios where payments have to be made in person, by cash, by check, etc.
  • "Online" will calculate and show fees and, as an extra step during reservation process, allows the user to enter credit card information. Online payments in WiseIngress are processed by Stripe using administrator's own account. WiseIngress won't be involved in processing or collecting credit card payments, so the money goes directly to administrator/organization account.


Base amount for calculating the actual fee. It doesn't include deposit and tax, and should be in the currency configured for the Location.

Fee Type

The actual fee amount is calculated based on Fee and Fee Type. For example, if Fee = $10 and the user wants to book a two-hour availability, they will pay

  • $20 if Fee Type = Per Time Slot ($10 for each 1-hour slot)
  • $10 if Fee Type = Per Booking (doesn't matter how many slots)
  • $30 if Fee Type = Per Person and three people are attending
  • $60 if Fee Type = Per Person Per Time Slot and three people are attending


The amount that will be added to calculated fee and can be returned after the reservation ends.

Daily Restriction

Maximum number of slots that a user can reserve in one day.

Booking Threshold

When enabled, it stops users from booking a slot if the current time is close to start of the availability. It is useful for cases in which X minutes (X = value set in front of Booking Threshold) are needed by administrator/staff to prepare the venue, for example.

Reservations Require Admin Approval

When enabled, the system creates reservations of the current Amenity in "Pending Approval" mode. Users won't get a PIN code and/or Bluetooth key to unlock the smart lock. The administrator can review pending requests and approve or reject them. See Pending Requests for more information.

Notify by Text Message for Admin Approval

If enabled, the system will send a text message to the administrator in addition to the usual notification.

Taxes & Extra Fees

Taxes and extra fees will be added on top of the calculated fee for payment purposes.

The system shows list of official taxes based on state/province of the Location. But more items, such as other types of tax or extra fees like cleaning fee can be easily added by the administrator. For example, if the Location is in a state/province with an official tax named "Sales Tax", an item with this name appears for all amenities of that Location but it is not enabled by default. The administrator can add a new item named "Cleaning Fee" with desired amount or percentage. Once added, "Cleaning Fee" will appear for other amenties and Locations managed by the same administrator so there is no need to repeat the process again.

While official taxes cannot be removed from the list (they can still be enabled or disabled at any moment), custom taxes or extra fees added by administrator can be deleted by clicking the trash icon in front of the item. Provided that the tax or extra fee has not been used in calculation of any payment. If the tax or extra fee has been already used in a paid reservation, the system shows an error message when trying to delete the item from the list.