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An amenity (or "asset") is a physical resource secured by a smart lock. It can be anything from a meeting room, to a delivery box, to an elevator, to sports equipment. See Managing Locks for information on how smart locks are paired to amenities.

Amenity Types

WiseIngress supports different types of amenities based on how they are used in real world:


An amenity or physical asset that cannot be reserved or accessed by more than one user at any given time. Examples include elevators, party rooms, and vacation rentals. When a user books a dedicated amenity, they still need to enter number of people who will enter the amenity and the system verifies that it doesn't go beyond defined Maximum Capacity.


An amenity or physical asset that can be shared by multiple users at the same time, such as gyms. In this case, reservations of different users may overlap each other but the system doesn't allow more simultaneous reservations than Maximum Capacity.


WiseIngress can also help manage reservations for amenities that are not secured by igloohome smart locks. So, there is no need for a separate system in that case.

Amenities List

To see amenities under a Location, click on the Amenities & Assets icon in front of the Location. This page shows amenties in a grid with some details about each one. In case there are many amenties or resources, use the search box to find the desired item.

To update various options and settings for an Amenity, hover its picture and click on the pencil icon. See next topics for each tab on the edit page.

Adding a New Amenity

At the moment, adding a new amenity is only possible by contacting WiseIngress Support team due to technical effort needed. This procedure may be improved and streamlined in the future.