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Basic Info

When editing an amenity, Basic Info tab has the following options.

  • Name and Description: Unique name for the amenity or asset, and a description which is visible to users when selecting the amenity.

  • Active: Whether users can book the amenity or request access to it at the moment. When the toggle is turned off, Deactivation Reason (for example "Under repair") can be entered so users know why they cannot access the Amenity.

  • Max Capacity: Maximum capacity of the amenity. For dedicated amenties, users cannot enter a value for number of people (or "Head Count") beyond Max Capacity. For shared amenities, no more reservations than this value can be made at the same time.

  • Slot Size: Smallest unit of booking or access by users. When defining schedule for the Amenity, each availability will be at least the duration set here. The default is 60 minutes because it matches the minimum duration that an offline PIN code can be generated for igloohome smart locks. Please note that for slot sizes less than 60 minutes, the system might be unable to generate an offline PIN code, but users can still use WiseIngress mobile application to unlock the smart lock via Bluetooth.


Updating Slot Size doesn't affect existing bookings and PIN codes generated previously. It is important that it is set carefully at the beginning with business requirements in mind.

  • Notes: Any text that should be visible to users when viewing details of the Amenity. For example, it can include instructions for using the amenity, or rules and regulations.